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Dell Venue 8 Pro – Turn off Auto Brightness

If you are lucky enough to own one of these fabulous Dell 8″ Windows tablets, then you know what great little system it is. What you may NOT realize though is that by default the screen is deliberately ‘dulled’ down (probably to save battery life) but it is capable of looking MUCH better.

To achieve this you must disable the automatic screen brightness option.

Screenshot (3)

Screenshot (4)

Great tip, we found it useful.


162 Future Jobs: Preparing for Jobs that Don’t Yet Exist

Stunning post by Thomas Frey on about new jobs and skills in the near and far future. Who else wants to be a Robotic Earthworm Driver, a Bio-Meat Factory Engineer or a Driverless “Ride Experience” Designers. Fun to read.

Predicting future jobs is an exercise that involves looking at future industries and speculating on ways in which they will be different than the workforce today. Business management, engineering, accounting, marketing, and sales are all necessary skills for the future, but the work involved will also be different.

At the same time there will be many less-obvious positions that will need to be created. This is about those less-obvious positions.

The following is not an exhaustive list, nor do these job titles all have good explanations. Rather, this column is intended to be a thought-generator, an idea-sparker, to help you draw your own conclusions.

Also worth a look/read:

  • FastCo: 100 Cities Will Soon Have Their First-Ever Chief Resilience Officers
  • Inspired Minds Careers 2030: Inspired Minds is CST’s newest initiative to help guide Canada’s education and professional pathways into the future. In our exploration of how our current education and careers landscape may evolve, we aim to provide a vision of a ‘Canada of the Future’— one in which CST is at the forefront of innovation in the global career marketplace. We aim to inspire enthusiasm and preparation in Canada’s future learners and their parents through a new perspective.  As part of the Inspired Minds initiative, we give Canadians a sneak peek into the promising future of Canada’s professional horizon through Careers 2030. CST partnered with futurists to imagine a job fair of the future by examining social, technological, economic, and environmental changes occurring today. Leaders in their respective fields also contributed their thoughts on the current state of their industries, how they might change, and what students can do to prepare for those changes. // Rather conservative, not so much scifi.

[Full List] [careers 2030]


Virtual Cadavers Offer New Opportunities In Medicine

Computer-generated models are starting to let researchers and students peer into the body without needing a real human stretched out before them.

Virtual dissection tables have been built at places like Stanford and the University of Calgary. Now University of Michigan computer scientists and biologists have taken the technology another step forward, using projectors, joysticks and 3-D equipment to build a floating holographic human that users can dissect, manipulate and put back together as they wish.

Read more and see the video below.

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A quick look at some of the wondrous work in robotics done by Festo.


Engineering Company Festo Is Creating Robots Based On Nature

German engineering firm Festo is creating a robot army. Sounds scary, right? But there’s no need to fear a “Skynet”-type apocalypse quite yet, because these robots want to do good by making laborious tasks easier in the factories of the future. And they’re using nature as their inspiration.

Festo summarizes the motivation behind their research on their website: “Gripping, moving, controlling and measuring – nature performs all of these tasks instinctively, easily and efficiently. What could be more logical than to examine these natural phenomena and learn from them?”

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Scientists create sensor for night vision contact lenses

It may seem like the stuff from spy and superhero movies but scientists have created “the first room-temperature light detector that can sense the full infrared spectrum” which, according to researchers at the University of Michigan, can be made so thin that it can be easily stacked on night vision contact lenses.

Back in 2011 some speculated that Seal Team Six used night vision contact lenses in the operation that killed Osama Bin Laden. Those rumors were never substantiated, but this invention is very real…

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Conference Calls

So I have been doing way more conference calls of late since joining Enhatch, because most of our customers and prospects are not in the NYC area.  But from the several years ago when I also did a lot of conference calls till now, nothing much has changed in terms of the technology or the etiquette.  From the dropped calls to the annoying background noises to the speaking over each other moments, conference calls can be a maddening experience.

This video sums up brilliantly some of the worst aspects of conference calls. While they may not improve any time soon, at least we can get a good laugh in. 

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