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A new Kinect for Windows is coming, and this is why you should care
By Tom Warren,

July 15th marks a new era for Kinect hacks

Microsoft’s sec­ond Kinect for Win­dows sen­sor is arriv­ing on July 15th for $199, and it’s aim­ing to take things even fur­ther away from gam­ing. While Kinect’s early usage was boost­ed by the Xbox 3…


MAP Visibility Estimation for Large-Scale Dynamic 3D Reconstruction

Interesting development for 3D video: a team at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a method of video photogrammetry to capture 3D motion, using a spherical array of video cameras at various angles within a space entitled ‘The Panoptic Studio’ - video embedded below:

Many traditional challenges in reconstructing 3D motion, such as matching across wide baselines and handling occlusion, reduce in significance as the number of unique viewpoints increases. However, to obtain this benefit, a new challenge arises: estimating precisely which cameras observe which points at each instant in time. We present a maximum a posteriori (MAP) estimate of the time-varying visibility of the target points to reconstruct the 3D motion of an event from a large number of cameras. Our algorithm takes, as input, camera poses and image sequences, and outputs the time-varying set of the cameras in which a target patch is visible and its reconstructed trajectory. We model visibility estimation as a MAP estimate by incorporating various cues including photometric consistency, motion consistency, and geometric consistency, in conjunction with a prior that rewards consistent visibilities in proximal cameras. An optimal estimate of visibility is obtained by finding the minimum cut of a capacitated graph over cameras. We demonstrate that our method estimates visibility with greater accuracy, and increases tracking performance producing longer trajectories, at more locations, and at higher accuracies than methods that ignore visibility or use photometric consistency alone.

More Here


Commune With Nature In These 6 Productivity-Boosting Offices

We spend a third of our day, at least, in offices that aren’t always conducive to productivity and mental health—some are even actively hurting us. At a basic level, being outside, surrounded by nature, is good for us; even just having some plants around can improve morale and, in turn, productivity. Studies have also shown that natural light can help elevate productivity. So why not combine them? Here are six offices that blur the divide between the indoors and outdoors, making a day at work feel like a walk in the park (well, almost).

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An office comprised of an open green field with pods scattered about would work just about right for me - at least when it’s not raining.

BMW R45 Scrambler from Ton Up Garage

"They all make it look so easy.  The volume of brilliantly executed custom bikes flooding our computer screens from both pro and amateur builders alike belie a key fact. Building a beautiful custom bike is not as simple as we hope.  A quick trawl through the graveyard of ebay yields any number of machines filed under “Cafe Racer”, “Scrambler” or “Custom” that just do not work. The best intentions, a smattering of new parts, some creative fabrication and a wealth of inspiration have culminated in an unfortunately failed attempt. As the donor market becomes ever more ploughed for suitable base models these halfway attempts are slipping into the potential project category. This is one such lucky machine that has been saved from its previously butchered custom state and reinvented to realise the ambitions that stirred its initial transformation.

This little R45 landed on its feet. It found itself seeking redemption within the walls of Ton Up Garage in Portugal where Daniel and Pedro have established themselves in the upper echelons of the pro build league. On the Ton Up Garage Bikeshed page you will find a trio of their splendid custom Bonneville’s and a stunning Kawasaki Zephyr build, but this is the first Ton Up Boxer to make it’s way into the Shed. You can see the Ton Up DNA running through the bike.”

This is just a beautiful little scrambler. More pics and the entire write-up here:


Electric Objects - Artist in Residency Program

The successfully-funded internet art display is offering ten paid places for artists to develop something unique for the platform:

We’ve been really inspired by the response to the Kickstarter campaign from the artist community, and want to find a way to encourage experimentation with Electric Objects.

EO1 might be an interesting combination of hardware and software, but it’s not much more than that without a strong community of artists and developers who see it as a compelling platform for creative expression, and a new way to connect with humans.

So today we’re announcing the beta of our Artist in Residence program. This is an experiment, an exploration into the creative and distributive potential of a new platform.

The purpose of this beta program is to encourage artists and developers to create work with EO1 in mind. Nothing that comes out of this program will be exclusive to EO1, we only ask that you consider it in your creative process, and think of it as a primary context for presentation.

More Here + at the electricobjects Tumblr here

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